"Saved hours of tedium and my sanity...an excellent tool."
Jan Mroz
Senior Project Manager

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Compare Excel data and see differences with Workbook Compare.

The most powerful & flexible Excel compare tool on Earth.

Comparing Excel data has never been easier.

Compare any two workbooks in just a few clicks, or limit the comparison to specific worksheets.

Used professionally by businesses, organizations, universities and government agencies around the world.
Regression test your new spreadsheet like never before
    • Refresh your new spreadsheet (run your new code). Then get your immediately-prior spreadsheet -- the version last used
    • Compare them both using Workbook Compare. Note that you are comparing your spreadsheet data here with Workbook Compare, not your code
    • See every difference (if there are any) in an Excel spreadsheet that Workbook Compare creates
    • Tweak your new VBA code, then repeat the comparison process using Workbook Compare until all differences are gone
    Database indexing capabilities let you "join" Excel columns exactly like database tables, for when you have differently-sorted data.
Workbook Compare never touches your data. Its light footprint design only reads your data to look for differences.
Quickly scans your data and knows what to do if you need to compare column A in one worksheet to column B in another.
Provides you with a ton of comparison setup selections, such as letting you choose whether to compare formulas as A1 or R1C1.
Omit differences with a variance allowance, e.g. differences +/- .0001 or even as a percent!
Highlight differences to make them easy to spot.
Creates an Excel report of all of the differences fast!
Pays for itself on your first regression test. Practically eliminate 100% of bugs in your code!
Soar past other developers by having the most precise programming, guaranteed. You will totally appreciate the opportunity to tweak your code to fix differences when you find them.

15-day free trial (go to the download page).

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